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Customized Solutions for Your 900 MHz Communication System

Posted by Kevin Laudenbach on

Antennas come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and frequency rages. Despite this, there are still situations where these existing antennas don't quite fit some communication systems. RFMAX specializes in not only providing a wide portfolio of antennas, but creating custom solutions should there be a need for one.

One example of this is a customer that is within the gas/oil industry and is described as "a premier automation, controls products and applications solutions partner for oilfield service equipment, oilfield data management and frack fleet operations." 

The company had been connecting to Digi radios and using a data acquisition system to detect water level on oil/gas equipment such as high-pressure pumps. The Digi modem they were connecting to was the Digi Xbee SX Modem - Model: XM-X9-3P-U. After speaking to them, the company said they were looking for a small/low profile form factor, but powerful, 900 MHz antenna. 

The reason this company wanted a 900 MHz antenna is simply because a 900 MHz system transmits signal further through matter than a Wi-Fi or cellular system would. Because they do fracking/other oil work, it makes sense that their antennas may be deployed underground, and therefore the signal needs to travel through matter to reach the data collection boxes.

They contacted RFMAX looking for a solution for their system. While there was not an antenna that was right for them in the RFMAX portfolio at the time, the RFMAX team of engineers worked to create a solution. The result was the RMSB-900-3-1.5-SSM.

This antenna fit all their needs and worked seamlessly with the system they had set up. Additionally, this antenna is rugged and IP 67 outdoor rated, so it is built to withstand any potential damage.

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