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Low Profile Antenna to be mounted on a Truck

Posted by Michael Crudele on

Recently, we had a client call in to inquire about a low profile antenna that could be mounted onto a truck with a dome-like shape. He reached out to us stating that he had an AER3100 Cradlepoint and was in the process of purchasing a “command” vehicle for future events. He also needed a little help clearing up his confusion regarding the modems. He said that his AER3100 has two LTE connections but the modems only come with one SIM card slot so he wanted to know whether he had to purchase two antennas or one for the two LTE connections.


Well firstly, the Cradlepoint AER3100 typically has one GPS antenna, two cellular and three Wi-Fi antenna ports, but there is a dual SIM card option which would add one additional GPS port and two additional cellular ports. I want to assume that you are using both SIM slots for dual cellular coverage, so I recommend the following…


Option One:

  • RFMAX # RBDM-G44WWW-17-SSSRRR-B: This RFMAX part is a 6-in-1 multi-band antenna for in-vehicle cellular routers. It features 1 x GPS, 2 x cellular, and 3 x Wi-Fi in a compact, low profile, and ultra-rugged design. It’s easy to install using a heavy-duty threaded stud mount which is 100% vandal-proof and IP67 rated for year-round indoor and outdoor use.
  • RFMAX # RBDM-G44-SSS-12: This RFMAX part is a 3-in-1 multi-band antenna for in-vehicular cellular routers. It features 1 x GPS and 2 x cellular in a compact, low profile, and ultra-rugged design. It comes in three different available configurations, direct, adhesive, and magnetic.

Option 2:

  • Airgain # AP-C4W4G-Q-SMA-RP5678-BL-19: This antenna is a centurion styled multi-band antenna that fits 4 x cellular, 4 x Wi-Fi, and 1 x GPS.


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