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Helium Miners: RFMAX Antenna vs Rokland/HNtenna

Posted by Michael Crudele on

One of the most important factors in choosing your Helium Miner Antenna is the gain. The gain of an antenna is directly affected by the height. The RFMAX ROSA-902-8-SNF is 65 inches long, and thus is able to produce a TRUE omni-directional gain of 8 dBi which provides greater coverage laterally. Additionally, this antenna is high quality, durable, outdoor tested and features a drain hole so you can use it outdoors with no worries. You can see the omni-directional field pattern shown in the charts below:


The issue with using other antennas, such as Rokland or HNtenna, for a Helium Network is that they do not provide enough gain. These antennas are listed at 24 inches long, but there is NO WAY to produce 8 dBi of gain in an antenna package that is less than 24 inches long. The maximum gain in an antenna that size would be 5 dBi.

ROSA-902-8-SNF is pictured below. Click here for more details.



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