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Ensuring the Accuracy of Your RFID System

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RFID is abbreviated for Radio Frequency Identification. The system is comprised of two components: tags and readers. Finding a dependable RFID reader is extremely important in this high-tech world we inhabit.

Your best bet is to find an RFID Antenna Field Meter to make sure you are always on top of what is going on. This technology is what we all depend on to keep products, inventory, and much else safe and secure.


Why an Antenna Field Meter is Made Necessary

The RFID Power Mapper shown above is a hand-held, battery-free RFID antenna field meter that accurately maps the signal strength and coverage area of RFID antenna installations. This makes it mandatory for any RFID professional to have in their toolbox and can help troubleshoot any ultra high frequency RFID installation. It keeps the RFID technology up-to-date and valid. The meter is small and easy to handle on any job site. It is also custom-designed to operate throughout both the ETSI and FCC RFID. Its range capture is 865-928 Mhz.

The Magic of the RFID 

RFID looks like a standard tag but holds a transmitter to book stock in, speed up stock take and more. It optimizes the flow of manufacturing and distribution. The RFID antenna picks up signals from the rain RFID labels to confirm that product received is correct. Stock takes used to only happen once per year because of the long and tedious process but now can be done hourly! All thanks to RFID. 

With our large inventory, swift customer service and sharp business analytical skills, we can create a custom solution for deploying your RFID antennas and power meter into your warehouse or other environment.

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