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Handheld 865-928 MHz RFID Antenna Power Field Mapper for FCC & ETSI

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The RFID Power Mapper from RFMAX is a hand-held, battery-free RFID antenna field meter that accurately maps the signal strength and coverage area of RFID antenna installations. It is an invaluable tool for any RFID professional and can help troubleshoot and optimize any UHF RFID installation. The meter is small and easy to handle on the job site and is specially designed to operate throughout both the ETSI and FCC RFID range: 865-928 Mhz. The meter measures antenna range up to 10 meters / 30 feet, side lobes, back lobes, linear vs. circular polarization effects, null cancellations, etc. The meter operates like an RFID tag, being powered by the radio waves, so it is always ready when you need it.

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The RFMAX RFID Power Mapper is a handheld, battery-free power meter that accurately maps signal strength/variation in RFID antennas and installations. It is an invaluable tool for any RFID professional and can help optimize any installation.

With the RFMAX Power Mapper you're no longer working in the dark. This meter is specially designed to show nulls in the UHF radio field at large distances from the antenna. You will find it hard to believe how large the signal variation can be, even quite close to the antenna. The meter will show polarization effects and destructive null cancellations, ground and water absorption. The meter relies on the power in the radio waves, so it cannot give a fails reading or have a flat battery. Almost 100% of the signal on at the antenna is shown on the meter, giving a massive 10+ meters (30+ feet) range.



Manufacturer Part Number RF MAX - RFID POWER MAPPER
Manufacturer RFMAX
Product Condition New
Antenna Category RFID 902-928 MHZ FCC
Bands Single
Polarity Linear
Gain N/A
Height/Length (inches) 4.13
Height/Length (mm) 105
Thickness/Diameter (inches) 1.77
Thickness/Diameter (mm) 45
Width (inches) 2.76
Width (mm) 70
Weight (lbs) 2 oz.
Material Plastic
Color Black
Includes Instructions included