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What to Know When Searching for the Motorola HAE4003

Posted by May Sefin on

The Motorola HAE4003 is an ultra high frequency Antenna kit that is in high demand. Because of this it is often found out of stock. Here at Arcadian™ we come up with creative solutions for any issue related to antenna technology. We understand the importance of having strong connection that is consistently reliable. This item is no different.

Motorola HAE4003 Replacement Option

We have two parts in our inventory that go together to perfectly replace the Motorola HAE4003 kit. They are our Quarter Wave Whip Antenna and Brass Thru Hole NMO Mount. These are sturdy pieces that have proven success in transmission of data and signal over large frequency ranges. They are on par with the caliber of the Motorola HAE4003. 

Quarter Wave Whip Antenna

The Laird/Antenex Whip Antenna stands 6 inches tall. It is a stainless steel quarter wave It is also an omnidirectional whip antenna with a chrome finish. This means the pattern of radiation is in all directions and can pick up signal from all around. It operates in the 450-470 MHz frequency range, with an NMO base. 

Brass Thru Hole NMO Mount

After purchasing the Quarter Wave Whip, all that is needed is a rugged mount for it to connect to. We have the one above to pair with the antenna and provide strong signal for the long-term. This RFMAX 3/4 Inch Thru-Hole NMO Mount is optimized for vehicular roof mounting. Typically used with VHF or UHF antennas, it includes a 17 foot solid copper conductor cable. 

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