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Best External Antennas for Laird's Sentrius RG191: 915 MHz LoRaWAN Gateway

Posted by Michael Crudele on

The RG191 (US part # 450-0191) is an IP67 rated, 915 MHz LoRa WAN Gateway manufactured by Laird (formerly LSR / LS Research.) This LoRa gateway is typically used in smart metering, remote sensing, Industrial automation, monitoring and M2M / IoT.

The unit has two external antenna ports, type RPSMA-Female, for adding higher gain outdoor antennas. For customers looking to replace the dipoles normally included with the gateway, here is what we recommend…

If the above 5 foot cable jumper is not adequate, then longer cable options are available. Finally, UL Certified Surge Arrestors are highly recommended in any outdoor installation, part #  RSP-90-3-SNF-SNFBH.


Have another 915 MHz device such as a Helium Miner?

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