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Antenna for the Arris NVG558 Fixed Wireless Broadband Gateway

Posted by Michael Crudele on

We were recently asked what LTE antenna is optimized for the Arris NVG558 Fixed Wireless Broadband Gateway. Those cellular connections marked “LTE 1 & 2” are type SMA-Female connectors. So, you’ll need a dual LTE antenna (2 connections) with type SMA-Male to mate with your router. We suggest using the RFMAX “brick” antenna # RBMM-55-SS-6. This model is dual LTE, with a magnetic mount and it supports 5G as well. You can attach it to something metallic, or simply put it on a desk or shelf. Note that this can be used indoors or outdoors.


If you have other technical questions, or if you have something else in mind, WE CAN HELP. With RFMAX, you have the ability to modify an existing antenna, or suggest a new design that is fit for your specific needs.

We have been informed in the comments that the Verizon version does NOT come with LTE ports.

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  • Stay away. The Verizon version doesn’t even have the antenna ports (even though it’s in their pictures). None of the menus work on this thing. Passthru mode doesn’t work. Spent an hour with a level 2 tech from Verizon who referred me to Arris, who told me that this unit was discontinued in 2019 and therefore had no support. Half the other stuff on the menus doesn’t work either. Stay away from this train wreck.

    Fred G on

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