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What is a QMA Connector?

Posted by Michael Crudele on

When trying to match an antenna to a radio, gateway, or modem, it is important to verify the connectors you need. In a recent case, a customer was unable to distinguish a QMA from an SMA connector. This is understandable, considering the following:

Many of the new “All-band” public safety radios from Motorola and Harris have QMA connectors. The QMA is a “quick-disconnect” version of the SMA connector.  The QMA was developed as snap-on, locking replacement for the standard 50 ohm SMA connectors. It has the same internal construction as an SMA connector and exhibits similar RF performance characteristics and mechanical durability. The main difference is that QMA connectors feature a 360º rotating snap-on locking interface that is quick to install, has low RF leakage and is suitable for use up to 6 ghz.

See the image below:

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