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Where can I find indoor 4G/LTE MiMo antennas for iDAS in stock?

Posted by Michael Crudele on

Well, the short answer is... you can always find iDAS antennas here at Arcadian Inc.

Arcadian Inc. is the #1 stocking distributor of both MiMo and SiSo antennas for indoor 3G/4G-LTE cellular coverage / iDAS.

Laird Technologies CMD69273-30NF: dual port 3G/4G omnidirectional MiMo antenna for iDAS.

Laird Technologies CMD69273P-30NF: LOW PIM omnidirectional 3G/4G MiMo antenna for iDAS.

The above antennas rival the Galtronics "Pear" model M5542I.


Why is the Laird CMD69273 antenna a better choice?  Here are the top 4 reasons...

4. Better performance. Check the specs, check IB Wave. If you don't agree, reach out to us, and we'll explain why the Laird antenna is better.

3. Smaller & lower profile. Better performance in a smaller package...what else is there to say?

2. More economical. If you can get a better part, for less money, why would you have it any other way?

And the # 1 reason to choose the Laird CMD69273P-30NF over the Galtronics M5542i...

We have these parts ready to SHIP TODAY from our warehouse!


If you are a carrier, and neutral host DAS, an iDAS installer or an iDAS user, give us a call regarding your iDAS antenan needs.

At Arcadian Inc., we are THE ANTENNA EXPERTS, and we'd love to work with you to make your project a success.


Contact us at 1-888-925-5967 or email us at:

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