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What is the Best Antenna for GMRS Radios for Off-roading?

Posted by Michael Crudele on

What is the best antenna for off-road vehicles (jeeps, UTV’s, dune buggies) using GMRS, or General Mobile Radio Service? The GMRS frequency ranges between 462-467 MHz and is excellent for off-roaders looking to stay in touch out on the trails. These antennas ideally utilize a metallic “ground-plane” of at least 1x1 feet (like the roof of a truck) but in the off-road world that usually is not possible. Most GMRS antennas get mounted on fenders, bumpers or spare tire hitches. 

So, how can overcome this?  Easy, you can use an NGP or No Ground Plane required antenna.

We have found that the best antenna for GMRS radios where little to no metallic ground plane is available is the RFMAX RBC-450-5-NS. The RFMAX RBC-450-5-NS is a UHF whip antenna with an NMO base and NO metal ground plane required. It also has a a SPRING base so that the antenna does not get damaged in the wild. Additionally, it is a  “base-coil” style whip antenna with a collinear coil that will provide maximum range!


One mounting option for your antenna is to drill a hole in your bumper/fender and use a thru hole mount. A good choice for this would be a mount from our RNMOV part series (pictured below). You would need to drill a 3/4" hole for this mount. GMRS radios typically use a BNC Male or UHF Male connector.



If you'd prefer not to drill a hole, you can use the LBH3400 Bracket Mount instead. This bracket is screwed into the fender in place of a hole.


Another option is to use a magnetic NMO mount for your antenna. A magnetic mount can be used if you have a metallic surface to attach it to. We recommend RFMAX part # RNMOM-195-SUM-B-12I-ST.  It has a no-scratch rubber mounting boot, a stainless steel pull-tab, and a molded rubber strain relief to prevent the cable from coming loose from the magnetic mount.


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