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Question about Telguard Antennas and Cable Extensions - What does the AD prefix mean?

Posted by Michael Crudele on

We get this question often…What does the “AD” pre-fix mean that is commonly found on external antennas and cable extensions for Telguard cellular alarm communicators? The truth is that the “AD” prefix is only used by a particular distributor of these antennas, the company is “ADI”  and the prefix has no significance. The actual manufacturer part #’s are EXDL-0 (antenna) and ACD-xx (xx denotes the extension cable length in feet)

All Telguard external antennas, brackets, and coaxial cable extensions can be purchase through the distribution website specifically in the section for Telguard.

Just one final note…Always be sure the cable you purchase is long enough to go from your Telguard cellular communicator to an area inside of, or outside of, your building where cellular signal is strong. Telguard cable kits are available in lengths of 12-100 feet.

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