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The Ultimate Magnetic Mount for Multi-Purpose Antenna Connections

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When selecting an antenna mount, do you know the most important factors to keep in mind? For over 20 years now, Arcadian is the expert in antenna distribution, and in this blog post we hone in on some of the main things to consider and why a high-tech magnetic mount is the way to go.

LTE Mag-Mount Low Profile/Disguised Antenna (3G/4G/LTE-M, LTE Cat-M1, Band 25 and Band 41) for ATM, Vending, Kiosk, Digital Sign, etc. RSGB-4-MM-10SSM

LTE Mag-Mount Low Profile/Disguised Antenna

Vandal-Proof Antennas are Crucial

Consumers need a piece of technology that can withstand direct blows or other attacks to the equipment without anything being compromised. That is what the rugged antenna mount featured above offers. It will not break down or interrupt connection if it were to get struck by an intruder. Vandalism-proof mounts are essential because the data they guard against can be very private and confidential. The mount needs to be a protective element to antennas that transmit all kinds of data and that the user relies on to come through uninterrupted.

High-Tech: A Cut Above the Rest!

A mount must be just as cutting-edge as the antenna it connects to. This antenna mount has multi-purpose use. It can be used with Cellular modems used in ATMs, KIOSKs, Enclosures and Digital Signs. It is therefore a very versatile piece of equipment. Furthermore, it is optimized for 4G LTE connectivity but can also be used for less advanced LTE versions. Even its design is high-tech in that it is low profile and therefore inconspicuous and seamlessly fitting. 

Facilitates Strong Connectivity

The mount shopper should also focus on high connectivity on the long-term scale. That is definitely what an RFMAX low-profile Magnetic Mount exudes. It has proven excellent outdoor M2M data collection and transmission capabilities. Due to its magnetic quality, it perfect for industrial applications when mounting to a metallic enclosure or kiosk. This allows it to connect very easily to Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint (1900 MHz - band 25, 2500 MHz - band 41 and 850 MHz), Rogers, and Telus networks. In fact, is IP67 rated for efficient outdoor use! Can a mount be any more impressive?

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