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A Strong Adjustable NMO Mount Can Secure Any Antenna! (RNMOV-195-SBM-C-17I)

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When it comes to protecting a high-functioning antenna, you need a mount that is just as high caliber. The support a solid mount provides to an antenna is often overlooked in the installation process.

Adjustable NMO Antenna Mount for Thick Surface Up To 1/2 Inch. 17 ft. Low Loss 195 Cable & BNC-Male. RNMOV-195-SBM-C-17I


Be Selective When Choosing Your NMO Mount

The mount is not a detail of the antenna set-up process, it is an important feature of strong and stable connectivity. Therefore, after taking many mount types into consideration, we strongly recommend the RFMAX RNMOV-195-SBM-C-17I thru-hole/ thru roof NMO Antenna Mount

Why? Well firstly, this mount is completely adjustable for a range of thicknesses. Mounts that accommodate varieties of antennas is an important factor when buying mounts, especially in bulk. The adjustable range with this mount is from 1/8 to 1/2 inch of thickness. Anywhere in this range works just as well. 

Secondly, this NMO mount comes fully equipped. Everything needed is provided. In the package is contained a 17 ft. Low Loss LMR195 type cable. This length is very useful when more range is required. In addition, the type of cable is not ordinary. It is of the low-loss make, which means it actually provides much more shielding capabilities than other types of coaxial cables. It also comes with a pre-installed connector. The connector type is BNC-Male.   

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