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Arcadian Blog — A8060

Times-7 A8060 slimline doorway antenna

Posted by Michael Crudele on

Today, a customer came in asking if the Times-7 UHF RFID antenna, part # A8060 was suitable for both FCC & ETSI use.  The answer is that there are typically TWO different models for each and every RFID antenna, one for FCC and one for ETSI.  The only exception is when an antenna is designed as a “wide-band” model that would cover both FCC & ETSI.  In the case of the Times-7 model A8060, there are two different antenna models:   A8060-71416 (for FCC, in stock) /times-7-a8060-71416-25x3-inch-slimline-linear-polarized-door-frame-antenna-fcc.html A8060-71422 (for ETSI, no stock 6-8 weeks) /times-7-a8060-71442-25x3-inch-slimline-linear-polarized-door-frame-antenna-etsi.html   This antenna is super...

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