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Sierra Wireless arrival of the GX440 LTE gateway for the AT&T network!

Posted by Michael Crudele on

We are now accepting pre-orders for the GX440 (no WiFi X-Card) and the GX440 WiFi (with WiFi X-Card) for AT&T with product expected to be available in 6 - 8 weeks.


GX440 - AirLink GX440 LTE/HSPA+/GPS - Ethernet/Serial/USB - AT&T - Includes AC Power Supply - 5 Year Warranty


GX440 w/ WiFi - AirLink GX440 LTE/HSPA+/GPS/WiFi - Ethernet/Serial/USB - AT&T - Includes AC Power Supply - 5 Year Warranty


Additional Information:


1.       LTE upgrade-ready GX400 gateway SKUs are no longer available.  With the availability of the GX440 AT&T gateway, there is no longer a need for the upgrade program.


2.       AirLink PinPoint XT CDMA gateways are no longer being manufactured by Sierra Wireless due to their “End of Life” status, but we do still have access to a limited supply.  Sierra Wireless is still manufacturing PinPoint XT GPRS gateways with final shipments scheduled for November 2012.


3.       The development kit for ALEOS Application Framework for GX series gateways is available and can be downloaded from the following link:


We also suggest the following antennas to be used with this application:




For more information regarding the GX440 LTE gateway for AT&T, please contact us.



Phone: 1-888-925-5967

International: 1-973-890-2324


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