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Arcadian Inc. to offer flush mount RFID panel antennas (on Laird S9028PCL platform)

Posted by Michael Crudele on

Starting August 1, Arcadian Inc. (the world's largest distributor of RFID antennas) will offer a flush mount version of Laird's popular S9028PCL - 10x10 inch left hand circularly polarized, 902-928 MHz UHF panel antenna for RFID.  This new model will be built on the Laird S9028PCL platform and offer the same electrical performance, including:


Frequency Range:902-928 MHz for UHF RFID (FCC)   Gain: 9 dBiC   Beamwidth: 70 degrees   IP Rating: IP54 (outdoor)


This unit has all threaded mounting studs removed and has 3M brand SJ3560 "Dual Lock" Reclosable Fastener (a.k.a. "Velcro") applied to all 4 inside edges of the backplate.  This 1 inch wide, hook-and-latch (velcro) system is outdoor rated, will hold up to wide variations in temperature and has a tremendous pull-strength, making it a perfect solution for flush-mounting in even the most rigorous industrial environments.  You can find  the specs for the 3M SJ3560 by following this link...  3M SJ3560


The part # for this new model will be FLM-S9028PCL-96RTN (flush mount, 10x10 inch, 902-928 MHz, LHCP, with 96 inches / 8 feet of white ultra link cable and RPTNC-Male connector.  


The antenna can also be special ordered with different lengths of cable and/or connector types, included SMA connectors to accommodate the new Impinj multiplexor solutions.


Please make contact with one of our account managers to pre-order one of these flush mount RFID antennas for evaluation.


Our pricing for OEMs and RFID System Integrators will be $105.  List price $175.00


Contact us today to give your input on this new antenna, for more information, or to place your order for evaluation units.


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Mike Crudele, Arcadian Inc. 1-888-925-5967x90


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