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RFMAX's RY900 Ultra-Rugged, Fully Welded, 900 MHz Yagi Antenna Offers Superior ISM Communication

Posted by Michael Crudele on

Industrial communication customers often ask about the technical specifications of the RFMAX RY900 Yagi antenna for 880-960 Mhz. The RY900 is an ultra-rugged, fully welded, gold anodized antenna with 7 elements providing more than 12 dBi of gain. When used with high quality, 900 Mhz point to point radios (~1 watt) this antenna can make connections from as far 40 miles or more. 

The antenna features a circular/360 degree folded dipole “driven element” used for gamma matching (which matches the unbalanced characteristic impedance of the coaxial feed-line to the much lower balanced impedance of a Yagi-antenna.) This type of circular/360 degree loop has electrical & mechanical advantages over other Yagi driven element /gamma match designs in that it provides more stable gain and wider frequency range coverage.

Gamma matched Yagi’s have a tendency to have a peak gain at the center frequency and trail off away from the midpoint or “resonate frequency.”  However, the RY900 Yagi antenna has no external components for detuning, as well as a unique IP67 rating.

Furthermore, this 900 Mhz Yagi has a patented internal grounding design that ensures stable internal matching and ground connectivity. This type of IP67 design is unique because it feeds the cable inside the antenna boom and into the loops without side openings at the bend. They are terminated on the front side of the Yagi with 2 layers of water/moisture barriers, providing redundant water seals, ensuring that this IP67 Yagi antenna will survive in challenging climates and will last for many years in the field. This is critical for 900 Mhz point-to-point applications like water, waste water, flood monitoring, irrigation, and oil and gas communication.

The RFMAX RY900 is the perfect replacement for the Kathrein – Scala Yagi Antenna # TY900 (890–960 MHz band, 12 dbi).

Some similar dipole designed Yagi’s have the cable routed along the side outside of the antenna boom, leaving the cable crimp exposed to the elements-NOT GOOD. By putting the critical electrical components inside the RY900 Yagi, RFMAX eliminates the risk of cable braiding corrosion which eventually causes issues with grounding continuity in other Yagi antennas of lesser quality.

In summary, the RFMAX RY900 Yagi antenna is simply the best antenna in the market today for 900 Mhz ISM and licensed FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) peer-to-pear, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint radios.

This antenna has been tested and approved as compatible with many of today’s most popular radios make & models, including: Digi, Freewave, MDS, 4RF, Moxa, Cambium, B&B SmartWorx by Advantech, Avalan, etc.

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