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RFID Antenna Mounts for Laird Times-7 & MTI Panels. How to choose? Weight limitations on Arcadian's EZ brackets

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This question has come up several times, and I would like to address it in detail.  See my notes below on each of the EZ mounts and what their maximum weight loads are.  Keep in mind that there are TWO ratings for each mount.


A “static” rating, for antennas that will be mounted in a secure location and not be subjected to any vibration at all.


A “subject to vibration” rating, for antennas that will be mounted in a location that is subject to ANY shake or vibration.  That could be the obvious, like on a vehicle, or the less obvious, like next to a stamping machine, or next to a loading dock.


Here is my input:


We are no longer recommending the EZP4 in 2015.  With the popularity of the EZM6 (6 inch die cast aluminum RFID antenna mounting bracket) most customers are leaning towards spending a few extra dollars for this model, and we are spending more and more of our inventory dollars on stocking the EZM6 (wall, mast & combo)




EZM6: 5 lbs. (static install) or 2 lbs. (if subject to vibration)  Suitable for:

  • Laird 10x10” models (S9028PC, PAL90209, PAR90209)
  • MTI 12x12” models (MT-262006)
  • Times-7 smaller models (A6031, A6032)


EZM9: 10 lbs. (static install) or 5 lbs. (if subject to vibration)  Suitable for:

  • Laird 10x10” models (S9028PC, PAL902909, PAR90209)
  • Laird 10x20” model (PRL90209)
  • MTI 12x12” models (MT-262006)
  • Times-7 smaller models (A6031, A6032)
  • Times-7 larger models (A6034 & A6034S) *with or without the sheet metal mounting plate* 


If you are using the EZ mounts in conjunction with Times 7 antenna #'s, A6031, A6032, A6034 or A6034S, you will also require a Times 7 mounting plates. 


Click here for the full range of Times-7 RFID antenna mounting brackets.

71631 - A6031 MOUNTING PLATE - Times-7

They include:


For other RFID antenna mounts that are specific to Laird, Times-7, and MTI as well as RFID pigtail cable jumpers



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