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Optimizing Video Surveillance for a Frustrated Client - Part # RBDM-55-SS-3

Posted by May Sefin on

A new client recently approached us to resolve some outdated antenna issues they were facing. This video surveillance company encountered problems with their older antenna model, as it could not keep up with the high amount of video bandwidth they required to run important operations, namely security surveillance and License Plate Recognition. In addition, their current antenna was not physically compatible with the pole itself. 

Pictured here: The replacement antenna attaches onto the pole next to surveillance camera.

Arcadian Matches Client with 5G "Brick" Antenna

The client was previously working with a 4G antenna device that was not able to support the large amount of data being transmitted in a speedily manner. We recommended the "Brick." This high-tech antenna works in sync with fast industries that need pertinent information instantly and without interruption. The RFMAX 5G Brick proved to be highly compatible with the high-end security camera system in place at this company. They use the Pepwave BR1-MAX Pro 5G router to connect and the Brick provides them quick access to the cellular network! Furthermore, it comes with a shorter cable as opposed to the previous antenna that had too long of a cable for the length of this enclosure. The antenna needs to attach externally to the pole without issue which the RFMAX Brick did perfectly so.

For license plate recognition, this client needed The Brick antenna to achieve high speed internet and data rates needed in order to collect information and allow the security cameras to do their job. In highly trafficked or residential areas, the antenna systems in place must run efficiently to enhance security. This means everything from the cable length, the type and positioning of the antenna, and the compatibility with existing routers must be taken into consideration and matched with the proper antenna.

The Importance of Video Bandwidth In Todays' Industries

The quality of an antenna is a major factor. This high-tech, high quality antenna will bring your business into long-term success. Today, across all industries, video bandwidth is a top concern. Now that many work from home, global internet bandwidth consumption has spiked post-covid. Video by far uses up the most bandwidth. Because this client was a surveillance company, bandwidth was being consumed at a rapid rate and they could not run operations with their current antenna. They needed a 5G system with a higher propensity for fast transmission of large volumes of data. Robust internet capacity is a must in this industry, and video bandwidth has to be generously available so that companies can be relied upon to maintain a secure environment. Our antenna is built to handle that need indefinitely. 

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