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Shop the Leading DJ Portable Audio Speaker Stand! - RFMAX #RFM-SS70

Posted by May Sefin on


Whether a DJ is performing at a wedding hall, concert, or any other venue, quality equipment is a must for success. That is where the RFMAX heavy duty audio speaker stand makes all the difference. It is a high quality, rugged model for professional DJ’s everywhere. Let's explore what sets this particular model apart.


Speaker Stand 2.0 - An Upgrade of the Popular Speaker Stand

The tough steel model shown above is like the earlier models that came before it but with some upgrades.  First, this unit is equipped with a coil spring built into the vertical tube to prevent speakers for crashing down during set-up or break-down.

The second update is that now each speaker stand will come with its own individual travel bag. These stands are not just constructed of any old materials, but of the highest quality materials; a rugged tubular steel all around. From extremely durable rubber non-slip caps to unbreakable knobs and rugged metallic construction, this stand is dependable and fail-proof. The construction of this stand consists of 1-3/8 inch tubing that is light-weight but TOUGH.

Easy to Set Up!

This stand is ready to go in a matter of a minute or two and allows speaker or flat screen TV mounting at heights of 4 to 7 feet high! The Pin lock has multiple holes to help set up safely. And the mounting pole included prevents crushed fingers during a set-up or a break-down.

The updated knobs as well as locking pins allow you to mount audio or video gear over 130 lbs. Rest assured that the stand can be used for the long-term. It sets up quickly and stays efficient indefinitely. The base is adjustable up to 23” for maximum stability, functionality and, of course, security. See recent example here:



***One year warranty included.


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