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Maximum Weight the Times-7 A5530 Mat can Withstand

Posted by Michael Crudele on

The Race Timing Mat, also known as P/N A5533, is designed to support moderate loads such as runners, cyclists, hand trolleys, and carts. In other words, carts and bicycles utilizing rubber wheels and the occasional vehicular traffic with pneumatic tires should be supported by the mat antenna. The weight load should not exceed 100 psi (7 kg/ cm2) and the maximum distributed load on the mat should not exceed 1100lbs (500kg). If you were to surpass the weight limitations, the antenna will no longer be able to function properly. On another note, care must be taken to ensure the mat is installed on a smooth, hard, flat surface. Make sure that the mat surface is not damaged by sharp objects such as steel-edged wheels, stone chips or glass fragments, etc. This will ensure the longevity of your antenna.


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