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How to install Laird CMD69273P ceiling mount MiMo 4G antenna

Posted by Michael Crudele on

On April 1, 2014 we attended the NYC - DAS/Small Cell show in New York.  At the show, we highlighted our key 3G/4G-LTE indoor DAS (iDAS) antennas from Laird Technologies.  As you would suspect, just about everyone that came to see us absolutely LOVED our low PIM, ultra-low profile ceiling mount omnidirectional antenna, part # CMD69273P.


We now carry more models of the Laird part # CMD69273P! We'll list them here so you can take a look:

CMD69273P-46NF     CMD69273P-FNF     CMD69273P-30D41F

CMD69273P-30D43F   CMD69273P-30NF   CMD69273P-B30NF


One question that came up at the show several times, was -  what are the mounting options for the Laird CMD69273P? How do you mount the CMD69273P on a drop-ceiling vs. a hard ceiling?



Well, here is what we had to say...


This antenna has two ways to be mounted…


1.       Threaded stud with a plastic hex nut for drop ceiling mounting.




2.       Flush mount for hard ceilings – (2) recessed mounting holes with screw and anchors.




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