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How to Configure the Motorola-Zebra VC70 External Antenna Kit / Range Extender

Posted by Michael Crudele on

I am posting today, because I had a client contact us this week saying that he was experiencing trouble with network connectivity, even after installing the below VC70 external antenna kit for their ruggedized Motorola/Zebra mobile computer.

Here are the possible causes of connectivity problems with the Motorola/Zebra VC70…


1. They may not have properly set up the VC70 to activate the external (vs the internal) Wi-Fi antenna.  If you are experiencing network connectivity problems with your VC70, please give our external antenna kit a try, and be sure to configure it properly (see below.)

 VC70-2.4/5.0GHZ - RFMAX


2. Or, the problem could be related to their wireless coverage scheme inside the facility.  Do they have enough access points?  Are the access points positioned in the optimal locations?  Are they using high gain antennas with their A/P’s and are they articulated properly to provide the best connectivity to their forklifts below?


At Arcadian Inc., we are "The Antenna Experts" and we sell many types of indoor LAN antennas for your Motorola/Zebra wireless access points.  


Email us by clicking here if you need help.

Here are the instructions for properly setting up the REGISTRY for your VC70 kit...


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