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GMRS Radios, Antennas, and NMO Mounts and the Future of Wireless Technology 

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Wireless technology is the way of the present and only going to be more all-encompassing in the future. Wireless technology is responsible for alleviating many of life’s problems and drawing us all closer together. 

Let’s focus on the example of the very efficient GMRS radios. If you decide to go hunting or off-roading you need to communicate and receive messages clearly and therefore standard cell phones are unreliable in this matter. GMRS is your friend here. There is the added benefit of the radios being so light and easy to carry. Sold in groups mean you can buy several at once from vendors or just a single pair.  The GMRS brand is the most common two-way system and extremely reliable and resistant in cases of poor weather or accident-prone users. Listed below are other helpful incentives to using a GMRS when in the wilderness or otherwise communicating with others in different environments. 

Wide Range: 

GMRS radios have a wider range than FRS systems. They typically go up to 5 miles in distance while maintaining optimal communication. They use about 1 to 5 watts of power but several models boast around 40 watts. 

Long Battery Life:

GMRS systems have about 10 hours of battery life before needing a charge up. They run on both A and AA batteries. They are dependable for long adventures where there is not much time to charge. 


GMRS radios are both water-proof and durable. They can be fully submerged in water and still function. This comes in handy if you are dealing with heavy flooding and storms where connection would otherwise cease. GMRS mobile/vehicular antenna  will fare well if you are driving through a storm and your vehicle is facing strong winds and a lot of precipitation and other environmental damage. 



GMRS radios come camo-colored which is very useful in the wild where blending in is necessary. A camo toned radio can be the quite literal difference between life and death. 

Efficiency in Industrial Projects

A super-strong magnet, 12 Ft of Low Loss 195 Cable, rubber no-scratch boot, stainless steel pull tab, and molded rubber strain relief to keep the cable from detaching from the mag-mount.

In today’s highly innovative and fast-paced world there are construction projects constantly underway. Many miners turn to us in need of magnetic NMO mounts to pair with GMRS radio devices. Our mounts are known for their durability against the high vibration conditions laborers may face. These workers toil in oil fields, mines, and quarry sites where stone, gravel and slate must be excavated from deep in the ground. Our magnetic mounts will make sure the antennas stay put in such rocky working conditions.

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