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High-Tech Antennas for Trail Cameras like Cuddeback, Spypoint Cellular, and More!!

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Staying on the latest innovations of antennas is highly important when assembling or purchasing a camera for wildlife pursuits. Whether you are trying to capture nature in its element for media projects or just personal edification, you need a reliable camera that is efficient and cutting edge but doesn't disturb the natural habitat in any way. 

Should You Choose a Cuddeback G or J Series? 

The G Series and J Series are both excellent and very similar to one another. The main differences boil down to the battery system, design, and flash technology.

G series requires 4-D batteries while the J Series will need 12 AA batteries.  The G series uses a more extensive range of flash types, namely a dual flash system, white flash, and Power House Black flash and IR(Infrared) where as the J series uses only the IR and Black flash. The G series is heavier and has a longer design whereas the J is more compact

However, the G series is considered to be the more advanced of the models. It has a flexible flash module that can be updated and the batteries it operates with last much longer than on the J series.

You can purchase antenna kits for your Cuddeback trail cameras that include hi-gain external antennas, mounting brackets, and compatibility capabilities with 3G and 4G LTE cellular alarm communicators.

The Importance of the Antenna For Your Trail Camera

3G/4G/LTE Dipole Antenna for Cellular

To have the cameras do what they do, and work optimally in far ranges, you need a high performance antenna. It needs to be able to pass any major carrier certification, have both 3G and 4G LTE compatibility, and be an overall highly efficient antenna. The Spypoint is another great trail cam and the antennas it utilizes are of the highest quality. The antenna pictured here is one prime example. It is of the highest standard and comes strongly warranted.

If you are struggling to get decent service with a blade style antenna because of limited connection in remote areas, and a blade style antenna is not proving to be reliable, you need to get yourself an outdoor external antenna kit. The external/outdoor kit gives you the highest probability of connecting to the cellular towers when you or your camera are out in the wilderness. Safety comes first!

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