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Best Thru-Hole NMO Mount for GMRS Radios

Posted by Michael Crudele on

We recently received a question asking which thru-hole NMO mount is best for GMRS radios.

If your GMRS radio has a standard UHF or BNC connector, the best NMO cable kits are the RFMAX RNOMV-195 series. They require a small 3/8 inch hole, are adjustable thickness up to ½ inch, have 12 foot low loss LMR195 type cable and have a SMA connector pre-attached.

These products will ship with an SMA to BNC or SMA to UHF/PL-259 adapter which you put on after installation – no soldering! 








Looking for another NMO mounting option?

Check out or NMO mount collection here!

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