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Best Antenna for Digi Industrial LTE Modems, Routers & Gateways

Posted by Michael Crudele on

I received a call today from a client that is planning to use the new IX14 Industrial dual LTE (MiMo) router from Digi.  The gentleman wanted to know what antennas I would recommend he use with this router/gateway which would be housed in a polycarbonate NEMA enclosure at a fixed location.  Since Digi International offers several of these types of industrial LTE cellular devices with MiMo LTE cellular connectivity, I figured I'd blog about ALL of the modems in this category. 

That would include: 

  • Digi IX14: (new item as of Q1 2019) LTE CAT1 with dual SIM for carrier failover and flexibility
  • Digi TransPort WR11XT: for retail, kiosk and industrial control applications
  • Digi TransPort WR21: for remote and mobile networking applications
  • Digi TransPort WR31: optimized for DIN rail or shelf mounting

Here were my recommendations for the best antennas for the above LTE cellular devices from Digi, by application...

RBDM-44-SS-6 (RFMAX "brick" style dual LTE antenna with thru-hole mount cables & connectors) 

  This is best when you have a fixed site, typically outdoors, and you want to mount this IP67 rated antenna directly through the top of an enclosure.  This is very commonly used in oil & gas monitoring, railroad switching and water level monitoring.


RBMM-44-SS-6 (RFMAX "brick" style dual LTE antenna with magnetic mount cables and connectors)

  This is best when you have a fixed site, where the antenna will be mounted to the top of a METALLIC enclosure INDOORS.  These are used all the time with ATM machines, Vending Machines, and indoor Kiosks.


ROSA-698/2700-SNF (RFMAX high power "outdoor stick" antenna for 698-2700 Mhz)

  This antenna is best when you have one of three situations.  Each of these situations would require a mounting bracket and cable assembly (which are NOT included with the antenna)


1. Your modem is indoors, and you have a need to get the signal OUTSIDE of the building.  

2. Your modem is outdoors and the location is too remote for the "brick" antenna to get a good signal

3. Your modem is outdoors and you need to position your antennas UP above some nearby obstruction(s)

If you choose to use the ROSA-698/2700-SNF be sure to use TWO of these, and be sure to get the mounting brackets ad cable you'll need as well.  Here are the links to those accessories.

SBA1001 mounting bracket for angle mounting to a wall or mast.

ROSAHDM2 mounting bracket for mounting to a pipe.

PT195 coax cable jumpers to connect your Digi modem to the ROSA-698/2700-SNF antenna (N-Male & SMA connectors)

I want to be clear, we've provided three of the most popular antenna solutions for fixed LTE sites.  If you have a question for us regarding additional recommended antennas for the above LTE cellular modems from Digi, or if you want to discuss the best antennas for cellular LTE devices from Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, PepLink, etc. Just EMAIL us at any time!


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