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Arcadian Releases Laird vs. MTI - the RFID industry's first side-by-side comparison

Posted by Michael Crudele on

Over the years, we've had customers tell us that they prefer the UHF RFID antennas from MTI Wireless Edge over Laird Technologies / Cushcraft.  When we ask why the answer is "performance."  So I began asking, is this "actual performance" or specified performance, per the datasheet.  Well, the answer was overwhelming based on "specs" not actual field testing.


So, we decided to put together a side - by - side comparison.


The models:

Circular Polarized UHF RFID antennas.

Laird S9028PL & S9028PR, PAL90209HFNF & PAR90209HFNF




MTI MT-262006/TRH/A/K

Linear Polarized UHF RFID antennas.

Laird PA9-12




MTI MT-263003/N

Take a look at the results...


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