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Arcadian the Perfect Antenna Solution for Ritani Jewelers

Posted by Michael Crudele on

Custom Designed Antennas From Arcadian and Times-7 Enable
In-Store RFID System to Enhance Customer Service and Increase Sales.


Ritani Jewelers is a unique hybrid of online and brick and mortar jewelry retailing, offering its’ customers the opportunity to shop online and then actually see the items in person through it’s national network of trusted local jewelers. In early 2014, the company approached Arcadian with a need for some very specific RFID antennas to enable a new system for its’ retailers designed to enhance the in-store customer experience. The system automatically displays information about items removed from a showcase on a nearby iPad, including photos, specs, prices, and similar items, and allows the consumer to share that information via email or social media.


Ritani had a very unique set of requirements for the RFID antennas residing in the showcases, including sizes and electronic specifications. Unable to locate these antennas anywhere else, the customer turned to Arcadian. After supplying a number of “off-the-shelf” antennas for testing, Arcadian, working directly with the manufacturer, Times-7 developed a customized slimline antenna that met all of Ritani’s requirements. The new custom antennas were delivered within a very tight timeline, and succeeded in meeting all of Ritanis’ requirements. The initial pilot system is now being rolled out on a larger scale through Ritanis’ network and has been a big hit with its’ customers.


Products recommended for use in retail jewelry RFID applications:


Times-7 Model A1001 Nearfield RFID Antenna



Times-7 Model A1030 Nearfield RFID Antenna


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