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Antenna Range Extender Kits for Motorola VC5090 / VC70 Mobile PC

Posted by Michael Crudele on

At Arcadian Inc., our antenna support staff is contacted on a daily basis by people using Motorola’s VC5090 and VC70 Ultra-rugged Vehicle-Mounted Mobile Computers.  The issue they are facing is lack of RF / Wi-Fi connectivity from their VC5090 or VC70, which is fork lift / lift truck mounted, to the wireless network in the warehouse or distribution center.



Typically, the root cause of this scenario is that these mobile PC’s have an “internal” antenna embedded within the unit itself.  From a technical standpoint we have learned from many years' experience that if your VC5090 or VC70 PC's are mounted on fork lifts, the internal antenna alone will NOT help your connectivity, and neither will the often recommended external antenna WTS2450-RPSMA. The roll cage of the vehicle causes major interference of the RF signal and is what prevents the computers existing (internal) antenna from working properly.  Even if you attach an external dipole antenna, like the WTSB2450-RPSMA, the antenna is still located within the roll cage, thus still subject to the same interference and lack of connectivity to your network.


The only way to improve performance of your VC5090 is to get the antenna ABOVE the roll cage, so it is NOT subject to any interference. We have deployed thousands of these VC5090 and VC70 range extender kits all over the world, with much success. 


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