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NMO Mounts

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Magnetic NMO Mounts

Magnetic NMO mounts attach to any metallic surface that you want to place your antenna on.

Thru Hole NMO Mounts

Thru Hole NMO mounts require you to drill a hole for the mount and then tighten the mount into place.


Trunk Lid NMO Mounts

Mirror NMO Mounts


Mini Magnetic NMO


Our NMO Mobile collection includes a combination of NMO Mounts (Thru Hole NMOMagnetic NMO MountThick NMO Mount for Thick roofs, 3/8 Hole NMO mount), Connectors (PL259 / UHFMini UHFBNCSMATNC and many more connectors) and Cables (RG58, RG58A/U, RG8X, LMR200, RG8, ATX195). Our NMO mounts are used with Amateur HAM, UHF & VHF Mobile Antennas and Mobile Radios. NMO mounts are typically used to mount Antennas on Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, Vans etc)