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LTMWG943-A7CB7CW7JG2C-WHT-12-SP529: White 4x5G LTE/3xWIFI 6E/GNSS Combo Antenna

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LTMWG943-A7CB7CW7JG2C-WHT-12-SP529: White 4x5G LTE/3xWIFI 6E/GNSS Combo Antenna

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The LTMWG943 is an 8-cable antenna with 4x 5G/LTE, 3x WiFi 6E or Bluetooth and 1x GNSS. With up to 8 antenna elements in a sleek small form factor, it is one of the smallest in the industry. It provides a good match for the dual-carrier modems that have two pairs of Cellular MIMO elements. All of our 5G antennas are backwards compatible for 4G LTE. The 3x WiFi 6E elements provide faster through-put for advanced WiFi at 802.11ax applications.

More Information

  • LTE: 617-960/1710-7200 MHz (x4) 1 ft LMR-100 SMA-plug
  • WiFi: 2.4-2.5/4.9-7.125 GHz (x3) 1 ft LMR-100 RP-SMA-plug
  • GLONASS/GPS: 1602/1575 MHz 1 ft RG-174 SMA-plug



Manufacturer Part Number LTMWG943-A7CB7CW7JG2C-WHT-12-SP529
Manufacturer Mobile Mark
Antenna Category Multi-Band (Cellular, WiFi, and/or GPS)
Gain 5 dBi
Gain 2 5 dBi
Gain 3 5 dBi
Color White
Cable Length (inches) 12
Product Condition New