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Times-7 71757 mounting plate for A5010 antenna

Posted by Michael Crudele on

My name is Mike Crudele of Arcadian Inc.  We are an antenna specialty distributor, with a focus on RFID, and our stocking support location is located in Phoenix, AZ.  Today, I received a request for the 71757 universal antenna mounting plate from Times-7.  That unit was never fully released to production, and likely will never be.  The reason is that the Time-7 model A5010 antenna is being re-configured as we speak with a built-in 100 mm VESA backplate, eliminating the need for any additional "transitional" mounting plates.  These units will be available through Arcadian Inc. on December 1, 2015.   However, for the time being, this antenna can, in fact, be mounted without this plate, or you could simply utilize a different antenna.  Contact me directly, and I’ll explain how to do it. 

Personally, I'm very familiar with the A5010, 902-928 Mhz, circularly polarized, 10x10 inch RFID panel antenna, and I'd be happy to work with any potential client to design in this ultra low-profile RFID antenna, into your upcoming applications.  Please email me and let's set up a time to discuss your requirements, and how I can help.


Best Regards, 

Mike Crudele


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