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Peplink's BR1 Pro 5G: Which Antennas & Cables To Use

Posted by Michael Crudele on


One of the more popular modems on the market today is the BR1 Pro 5G from Peplink. This modem features 4x 5G + 1 GPS, and 2 WiFi. To get the most out of this high end modem, we recommend using the following antennas and cable extensions. Please note, different length of cable extensions are available in stock, contact our Customer Service team for more information.


1x RBDM-G55WW-2-SSSRR-B: 5-in-1 Antenna: MiMo 5G, MiMo WiFi & GPS/GNSS for 5G/4G/LTE Cellular Routers
1x RBDM-55-SS-3: MiMo 5G/4G-LTE Cellular Antenna for Machine To Machine Communication.


Cable Extensions

· 5x 15 foot SSF-SSM cables

· 2x 15 foot RSM-RSM cables

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