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Industrial Automation Company Finds Perfect Antenna in RFMAX "Brick" (RBDM-55-RR-10)

Posted by May Sefin on

We recently had the pleasure to assist an Industrial Automation corporation with their connectivity needs. This company client's business was suffering greatly. They desperately needed a more competent antenna system to run their functions. Read on as we elaborate on the problems and the winning solution below.      

 Industrial Client Feels the Effects of Faulty Antenna

This company was on an active search for a new antenna. The issues they were facing were subpar signal strength and water ingress, among other things. With their legacy antenna system, water kept infiltrating surrounding areas and making its way into other property. It was an old magnetic stick antenna that was causing this to happen. Being in the outdoors, an antenna must be robust enough to handle varying climate conditions.

Furthermore, low signal quality was a serious issue and was wreaking havoc on the logistics of their business. A quality antenna's main purpose is to capture signals and transmit speedily and efficiently. Otherwise, it is just causing a bottleneck. We took this concern very seriously and after assessing recommended the 2x2 MiMo 5G "Brick" style antenna. Customer feedback has always supported the findings that this particular antenna boasts high signals and maintains signal strength. It is 5G; the future of antenna technology!

The "Brick" Stays on Top

The "Brick" antenna is on top. Literally. It attaches very seamlessly to many kinds of surfaces and is therefore used across different industries for placement on equipment like irrigation control, ATM machines, digital signages and much more.  This client benefitted from this feature and it attached seamlessly to their equipment after our follow-up with them. The Brick has an IP67 rating and has thus been trusted by businesses and consumers alike. It is dually designed for indoor and outdoor use. It is of the highest standard antenna

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