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Business Functions Break Down Without a Triband APX Radio Antenna

Posted by May Sefin on

We were contacted directly by a Business Technology solutions company due to a dilemma they had within their business. They were using an outdated antenna that was not allowing for a smooth overall flow. An antenna seems like a simple part of an operation, until something goes haywire. Then you realize just how powerful of an item it really is. 

How We Connected a Technical Solutions Company to an Ideal Antenna Solution


This company experienced a lot of troubles due to their antenna piece which was over 2 feet tall. As this company connects its antennas to firetrucks it cannot safely operate with a tall antenna. After a quick online search, Arcadian came up as one of the first Google results for a low profile triband antenna - Part # RBDM-155/455/758-17-S-B. We are the only distributors of versatile low profile antennas. When this client reached out, and upon hearing their concerns, we speedily shipped them out the Low Profile APX 8500 Antenna. This antenna only stands less than 4 inches tall, which is perfect for going through garages, parking lots, tree branches. The firetrucks and other vehicles were acquiring damage with the previous antenna - it not only gets caught in something or cut off but causes further damage to the vehicle itself. It was hitting parking structures and wreaking havoc!


Durability and Performance are Perks of the Low Profile APX 8500 Antenna


Not only is this versatile piece low-profile and form-fitting, it is durable and long-lasting! Being specifically designed for the Motorola APX 8500, APX 6500, and APX 4500, it is suited for mobile police radio communication. It is compromised of a hard plastic build and rubber gasket. It mounts directly and does not report back any issues with previous clientele - it is still going strong! It fits ALL vehicles and does not break off. Containing 17 feet of low loss cable, it is a real gem in the antenna industry. It is fully compatible with the L3-Harris Unity XG-100M.  Also worth noting is that it operates over 153-157 MHz for VHF, 440-470 MHz for UHF and 750-870 MHz for P25 . This also comes in a different model, RBDM-155/490/758-17-S-B, which operates over 153-157 MHz for VHF, 470-512 MHz for UHF and 750-870 MHz for P25.

Needless to say this client was very pleased with the quick shipping and the efficiency of this low profile antenna. Now they can return to the main functions of their business and rest assured that strong communication will be facilitated through our high-tech product. 

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