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Short video on RFID antenna basics. S9028PCL RFID antenna featured.

Posted by Michael Crudele on

To all of the RFID professionals out there, I wanted to share this very basic video with you, which explains UHF RFID antenna basics...including Linear vs. Circularly Polarized antenna patterns, and how they affect tag reading.  I found this very helpful for the people that I work with, both employees and clients, who do not have a firm grasp on the basic workings of RFID, and the interation between UHF RFID antennas, and UHF RFID tags.


Take a look at this 5 minute video:


I wanted to note that in the video, our most popular antenna is prminantly featured...the Laird Technologies / RFMAX 10x10 inch, cirucularly polarized, UHF panel antennas (Part #'s and links below)  These are absolutely the work horses of the industry.  When it comes to general purpose RFID antennas, nothing beats these models.  They have a track record of over 15 years in the field, and are an econimal choice for high volume RFID projects.  


Part # R9029F12RTF: 10x10 inch, 902-928 mhz, *Flush Mount* circularly polarized, 9 dBi gain, with 1 foot cable and RPTNC FEMALE connector.  Current List price: $135


Part # S9028PCL96RTN-10PK: 10x10 inch, 902-928 mhz, Left-Hand circularly polarized, 8.5 dBi gain, with 8 foot cable and RPTNC male connector.  Current List price: $135


Part # S9028PCR96RTN-10PK: 10x10 inch, 902-928 mhz, Right-Hand circularly polarized, 8.5 dBi gain, with 8 foot cable and RPTNC male connector.  Current List price: $135


If you have application questions regarding UHF FCC RFID, please reach out to me at any time via Phone email, or Linked In. 


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