Pulse Larsen NMO150/450/758 All Band Whip Antenna For Motorola APX4500, APX8500, Harris All band & All P25 Radios

Pulse Larsen NMO150/450/758 All Band Whip Antenna For Motorola APX4500, APX8500, Harris All band & All P25 Radios

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Pulse Larsen NMO150/450/758 All Band Whip Antenna For Motorola APX4500, APX8500, Harris All band & All P25 Radios


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The Pulse – Larsen NMO150/450/758 is a Tri-band Whip antenna with a spring base designed for the Motorola’s  APX8500™ and Harris Unity XG™, Harris All band & All-band P25 Radios. It is equivalent to the Motorola all band AN000131A01 antenna and operates over 150-174MHz, 430-520MHz & 750-870MHz offering a gain of 0dBi/5dBi/4dBi respectively. These antennas have standard NMO / New Motorola mounting. NMO cable kits, such as the NMOKHFUD series can be purchased separately on this website.  This antenna survives low hanging obstacles MUCH better than the AN000131A01 (PCTWSLMR) 



Arcadian Inc. is pleased to present the Pulse - Larsen Triband Whip Antenna, part # NMO150/450/758 . This antenna was designed to be paired with the Motorola APX4500 &APX 8500, as well as the Harris All band mobile radios, and will maximize the coverage area of any All-band P25 mobile radio. These all-band radios enable first responders to use a single mobile radio to exchange critical voice and data communications between multiple agencies and jurisdictions operating on different frequency bands. The NMO150/450/758 triband whip antenna provides an all in one solution by offering just ONE antenna operating at all three bands: 150-174 MHz, 430-520 MHz, and 750-870MHz. We’ve heard from many users of the Motorola APX8500 that the antennas supplied by the manufacturer that have a tall solid base which cannot survive impact from branches and overhead structures, often causing the antenna to pull the entire NMO mount out of the vehicles rooftop. The NMO150/450/758 solves this problem by utilizing a low-positioned, flexible spring, to survive virtually any impact.

  • It’s impact resistant. While other antennas used with Motorola’s  APX8500™ and Harris Unity XG™ all-band radios are long, large, and prone to breaking upon impact (such as with tree branches), our tri-band antenna is only 16.5 inches long and has a spring just inches from the base that greatly increases flexibility and minimizes damage.
  • It’s water, wind and weather resistant. This antenna comes with a IP67 rating, which means that it is fully protected against harmful dust and that it can withstand immersion in water with a depth of up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. It can also withstand winds of up to 150 miles per hour.
  • It’s small and aesthetically pleasing. Unlike other all-band radio antennas, the NMO150/450/758 is shorter and smaller, with a sleek base.
  • It’s high performance. This antenna covers low (VHF), middle (UHF), and high (7/800 MHz) frequencies, giving vehicle fleets the range they need to communicate reliably and consistently. At the same time, it sacrifices only a small amount of performance so that it can remain small and rugged.
  • It has a pogo-pin NMO mount. The tri-band antenna uses an NMO mount that is waterproof and easy to install. It also makes it very easy to switch to this antenna from your current antenna without requiring any changes to your vehicle’s existing NMO mount.
  • It’s economical. Our tri-band antenna is significantly less expensive than comparable options, making it a smart choice for budget-minded departments and public safety organizations.
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU NMO150450758
Mfg Part Number NMO150/450/758
Manufacturer Pulse Electronics / Larsen Antennas
Product Condition New
Antenna Style Tri Band / All Band Whip
Antenna Category Full Spectrum / Multi-Band
Polarity Vertical
Bands Multi
Directional or Omni Omnidirectional
Frequency 1 VHF:150-174 MHz
Gain1 Unity 0 dBi
Frequency 2 UHF: 430-520 MHz
Gain 2 5 dBi
Frequency 3 P25: 700/800: 750-870 MHz
Gain 3 4 dBi
Impedance 50 Ohms
Max Input Power (W) 100 Watts
VSWR: < X: 1 <2:1 at 150-165, 430-490 & 750-870 MHz. <2.5:1 at 165-174 & 490-520 MHz
Spring Loaded (Yes/No) Yes
Height/Length (inches) 17.81 inches
Height/Length (mm) 452.5 mm
Thickness/Diameter (inches) 1.61 inches
Thickness/Diameter (mm) 40.9 mm
Weight (lbs) 0.45 lbs.
Weight (grams) 205 grams
Material Stainless Steel
Operating Temp (celsius) -40 to +85 C
Mount Style NMO
Color Black
Connector NMO
IP Rating IP67
OK for Outdoor Use Yes
Vehicular Yes
Ground Plane Required Yes