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NMOHPCNSMAM91: 3/4 Thru-Hole High Frequency NMO Mount with 91 In ATX195 Cable & SMA-Male Connector

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NMOHPCNSMAM91: 3/4 Thru-Hole High Frequency NMO Mount with 91 In ATX195 Cable & SMA-Male Connector

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This Laird Antenex 3/4 Thru-Hole NMO Mount is optimized for vehicular roof mounting of an NMO type antenna. Typically used with VHF or UHF or high-frequency (900 mhz+) antennas, the NMOHPCNSMAM91 includes a 91 Inch ATX195 Cable and SMA-Male Connector Installed

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More Information

High Quality NMO cable kits and 3/4 Thru-Hole NMO Mount were the flagship product of the original Antenex Corporation, founded in Glendale Heights, IL in 1990. The company's passion and dedication to designing and manufacturing high-performance coaxial cables like NMOHPCNSMAM91 for vehicular mounting of NMO antennas continues to drive the company's success today. Owned by Laird Technologies since 2006, this dedicated group of Land Mobile Radio (LMR) professionals use quality materials and workmanship to produce a superior product.


  • 91 Inch. ATX195 Cable
  • SMA-Male
  • Originally designed by Antenex
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty



Cable Type Attenuation (dB/100 ft)
  150 MHZ 450 MHZ 900 MHZ
RG-58/U 5.40 10.20 16.10
RG-58A/U 6.20 12.50 20.00
RG8X 3.60 6.80 10.70
Solid Teflon Cable 4.80 9.00 13.50
ATX195 4.40 7.80 11.10
RG-174 8.60 15.20 22.00
Teflex 5.80 10.00 14.50



Manufacturer Part Number NMOHPCNSMAM91
Manufacturer Laird
NMO Mount Type Thru Hole NMO mount
Mount Style 3/4 Thru-Hole NMO Mount
Connector 1 SMA-Male
Cable Type ATX195
Cable Length (inches) 91
Weight (lbs) 0.5
Weight (grams) 227.28
Used for High Frequency (900 MHz +) Yes
Used for Roof Thickness Up to 1/8 inch
Color Black
Vehicular Yes
OK for Outdoor Use Yes
Product Condition New