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Arcadian Inc.'s metro Phoenix warehouse is open and staffed Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm local Phoenix, AZ Time (subject to holidays). Orders are shipped only on these business days. Orders and correspondence received on Saturday and Sunday will be addressed/shipped on the following Monday and included in that day's business. Arcadian Inc.'s Cut-off times for Same-Day Shipment, Monday - Friday, are as follows: • For orders shipping by FedEx Ground - 2:30 pm.  FedEx Air - 3:00 pm.  • For orders shipping by UPS (Ground or Air) 5:00 pm. All sales are typically made EXW / Ex-Works (as defined by the INCOTERMS 2000) Tempe, AZ, USA unless “drop-shipped” in which case EXW point will be the vendor’s warehouse location. Shipping and handling charges from Arcadian Inc's warehouse in Tempe, AZ are normally prepaid and added to the invoice, billed collect or billed to a 3rd party.



All packages will be shipped UPS ground “pre-pay and add” unless otherwise specified. Freight charges will be billed to customer in addition to a $6 handling fee for all shipments. All freight pre-pay shipments WILL NOT insured unless otherwise specified. *We will ship freight collect upon customer’s request, and our approval. Freight collect shipments are subject to our handling fee, and will NOT be insured unless specified. *International: all shipments destined for locations outside the continental US may be subject to an additional international documentation fee. In the case of any shipment sent “freight-collect” to be billed to a customers account where the charges are refused or reversed for ANY reason by the shipper, customer is responsible for the freight charges PLUS any additional service charges/billing imposed by the shipper. 



Only Arizona, California, and New Jersey residents need to remit sales tax of products are being purchased for USE.  If you are re-selling our products, simply submit a resale certificate for your state, and we can waive the sales tax. Arcadian Inc. does not remit sales tax to states other than Arizona, California and New Jersey. Any sales tax due that is not collected by Arcadian Inc. is the responsibility of the customer. Arcadian Inc. requires that a resale tax certificate be submitted to us by email attachment, fax or mail for any AZ, CA or NJ customers who are not responsible for paying sales tax.



Arcadian Inc. offers a number of convenient payment methods: For United States and Canadian customers we allow payment by wire transfer*, check, Amex, MasterCard, & VISA.

To obtain a credit application for open account credit, contact any sales representative by calling 888-925-5967 (US & Canada) or 1-973-890-2324 or go to . Please allow sufficient time for the credit approval process. To avoid delay on your initial order you may elect an alternative payment method. *Bank wire transfers may be subject to a $20 wire transfer fee. Any payment more than 30 days over-due will be put in “collection” unless discussed. discussed agreed upon by both parties.

Check Policy If a check you give us for payment is dishonored for any reason by the bank or other institution on which it is drawn, you agree to pay us $25.00 as a service charge (if the check cannot be redeposited) pursuant to New Jersey Statutes. In addition, you agree to pay any other reasonable charges imposed by any check verification company or collection agency that we may use for collection.


On orders paid by check, money order or credit card, items not available for immediate shipment will be shipped as they become available. Items not available at the end of 30 days will be cancelled and refunded/credited in cases of prepayment. The number of backorder days may be extended beyond 30 days at customer's request. If a refund check is issued, the cancelled item can be re-entered without a handling charge if the check and cancellation notice are returned to us. On orders billed to customers with open account credit, items not available for immediate shipment will be shipped and billed as they become available. Items not available at the end of 90 days will be cancelled. The number of backorder days may be extended beyond 90 days at customer's request.


In addition to the United States and its territories, Arcadian Inc. accepts international orders. All orders of international origin are exported from the US in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to US Law is prohibited. An additional handling charge of $10.00 will be included for processing and invoicing. All duties and taxes will be the responsibility of the customer. All international orders are shipped FOB Tempe, Arizona, USA. Ownership of the shipment transfers to the purchaser after the shipment leaves our facility. In the event of damage or loss, we will do our best to help our customers replace their shipment, but cannot be held responsible for damage or loss by the shipper. We encourage you to track and insure your international shipments.

Payment options for International customers: Amex, MasterCard, VISA.  We cannot ship COD, accept personal checks or certified personal checks. Money orders can result in significant delays. 



If you receive merchandise that has been damaged in transit, it is important to keep the shipping carton, packing material and parts intact. Please contact an Arcadian Inc. Customer Service representative immediately to help you initiate a claim with the shipper, as transfer of goods happens at the time of shipment, so the customer must initiate and execute on the claim with the shipper (See Customer Service)


“Standard product” product: order can be rescheduled 45 or more days from promised delivery date “Non-standard” product: order can be rescheduled 60 or more days from promised delivery date “NCNR/non cancelable & non-returnable” product: order cannot be canceled, rescheduled or returned for any reason other than a technical failure of the product due to manufacturer’s defect Arcadian will allow one reschedule outside of the quarter and two reschedules within the quarter.


Arcadian Inc. accepts merchandise returns subject to the terms outlined below and will replace the product or refund your money at your option. To facilitate processing of returned merchandise:

• Please contact a Customer Service representative to obtain an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) number prior to returning product. See Customer Service for contact information.

• All requests for an RMA must be made within 7 days of receipt of shipment, and returns must be made within 30 days of the RMA issue date. Returns must be accompanied by the original invoice number and a brief explanation of the reason for the return.

• Return freight charge must be prepaid. Sorry, C.O.D. returns cannot be accepted.

• Returned merchandise must be in original packaging and in resalable condition.

• Parts returned due to customer error will be subject to a restocking charge. "Non-Standard" items and parts specified as "Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable" at time of quote or sale are NOT returnable.

• Defective merchandise may be returned within 60 days of the original invoice date and need not be in original packaging.


Arcadian Inc. sole obligation for products that prove to be defective within 30 days of purchase will be for replacement or refund. Arcadian will honor manufacturer’s warranties which are typically 12 months from day of purchase. All warranties must me confirmed by the manufacturer. Arcadian Inc. gives no warranty, either expressed or implied, and specifically disclaims all other warranties, including warranties for merchantability and fitness. In no event shall Arcadian Inc.'s liability exceed the buyer's purchase price, nor shall Arcadian Sales be liable for any indirect or consequential damages. This warranty does not apply to products which have been subject to misuse (including static discharge), neglect, accident or modification, or which have been soldered or altered during assembly and not capable of being tested. Infringement Disclaimer Notwithstanding section 2-312 of any applicable version of the Uniform Commercial Code or any other similar law, or any purchase order term, other contractual provision or the like from the buyer, Arcadian Inc.: (i) expressly disclaims any and all warranties against third party claims for infringement or the like, and (ii) shall have no obligation of any kind to the buyer for claims brought by third parties against the buyer for infringement or the like arising out of or in any way related to product purchased by the buyer from Arcadian Inc.

Do Not Use Products Sold by Arcadian Inc. as Critical Components in Life Support Devices or Systems. Products sold by Arcadian Inc. are not authorized for use as critical components in life support devices or systems. A critical component is any component of a life support device or system whose failure to perform can be reasonably expected to cause the failure of the life support device or system, or to affect its safety or effectiveness. Any attempt to purchase any Arcadian Inc. product for that purpose is null and void and Arcadian Inc. accepts no liability whatsoever in contract, tort or otherwise whether or not resulting from our or our employees' negligence or failure to detect an improper purchase.

All orders, regardless of how they are placed, are specifically subject to all the terms and conditions contained herein. No change, alteration, deletion or modification of any of these terms and conditions is permitted. No person is authorized to accept, confirm or vary these terms and conditions including all representations and warranties. Terms are specifically and exclusively subject to interpretation under the US Uniform Commercial Code and all claims or disputes shall be interpreted according to New Jersey law and subject to jurisdiction in New Jersey state or federal courts at the exclusion of any other choice of law or choice of jurisdiction, including the UN convention on CISG. Orders placed on forms deviating from these terms and conditions will not be accepted. Arcadian Inc. may offer technical assistance or suggest alternative parts based on technical information available to Arcadian Inc. ARCADIAN INC. DOES NOT GUARANTEE that this assistance is correct or that suggested part alternatives are based on the most recent data or that our interpretation and accuracy of the data is correct. Customer is solely responsible for confirming the validity of the assistance and the specifications as well as determining the appropriateness and compatibility in selecting part(s) for their application.