We sell lots of 450 Mhz UHF antennas here at Arcadian, including the ever-popular Laird Technologies / Antenex mobile load coil, whip, and rubber duck 450 MHz antenna models HERE. However, those are all located at the remote device...which could be a pager system or walkie talkie, or even a piece of surveying equipment.  However, it's the base station side that is a bit more of a challenge.

It’s certainly not easy finding 440 mhz flat panel antennas. So, for 450 MHz base station applications, your best bet is going to be 450 MHz fiberglass omni antennas or 450 MHz yagi antenns.

Here are my recommendations:

First, there are the omni's...our most popular is the FG4500: 450 MHz, unity gain, 26 inch long fiberglass omnidirectional antenna

FG4500 - LAIRD Technologies: Antenex, Centurion, Cushcraft and Pacific Wireless

But for a high-gain 450 MHz unit, I’d recommend the “Silver Series” yagis from Laird Technologies (Formerly Antenex)


Specifically, these are our most popular models…

YS4305 - LAIRD Technologies: Antenex, Centurion, Cushcraft and Pacific Wireless

YS4303: 430-450 Mhz, 3 elements, 7.1 dbd gain (MSRP: $108.84)*

YS4305: 430-450 Mhz, 5 elements, 9.2 dbd gain (MSRP: $125.00)*

*You should be able to get our “Silver” re-seller pricing once you set up an account with us.

Please note that even if we don't have stock on these models, they are MADE IN THE USA, and can ship in about 3 weeks.

We also have an entire section of our website dedicated to omnidirectional antennas for 450 mhz.  Link to: http://www.arcadianinc.com/450-mhz-uhf-antennas-m2m

As a side note, our most popular 450mhz antenna is the Laird # G450BN for paging base stations: http://www.arcadianinc.com/laird-technologies-antenex-centurion-cushcraft-and-pacific-wirel/G450BN

G450BN - LAIRD Technologies: Antenex, Centurion, Cushcraft and Pacific Wireless

Regardless of what you are looking for...give us a call, and if it's an ANTENNA, we would be happy to help.