I get many inquiries each month from customers looking for NMO cable kits and mounts for radios with UHF connectors.  The problem is that there is often confusion concerning the terminology used to describe UHF connectors. The most common questions that I get on this topic are:

  • Is PL-259 the same as UHF Male?
  • Is SO-239 the same as UHF Female?

So, I thought that our blog would be a good place to clear up any confusion once and for all!

Here are the facts...

  • UHF-Male (or UHF Plug) is THE SAME as PL-259.  
  • UHF-Female (or UHF-Jack) is THE SAME as SO-239.

The above connectors are used in applications like amateur / HAM radio, CB / Citizens Band radio, Marine radio & VHF radio.  Typically, the SO-239 (UHF Female/UHF Jack) is installed ON THE RADIO, and the PL-259 (UHF Male/UHF Plug) is installed ON THE CABLE.  The two "mate" and are collectively known as a UHF Connection. 

UHF Male PL-259 vs. UHF Female SO-239

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