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We are looking for dealers who cater to land surveying and earth-moving professionals.  We need partners who can help us provide the after-market with OEM & OEM equivalent replacement antennas for Topcon, Trimble, SiTech, Javad surveying gear, rugged modems, and earth moving equipment. 


450 Mhz antennas
900 Mhz antennas
2.4 Ghz antennas
3G/4G cellular antennas
GPS antennas


Contact us today at 1-888-925-5967 or Email us at


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RFID Journal Live! 2015 Show Recap

May 13, 2015 7:25:00 AM EDT

Arcadian Launches RFMAX Brand at RFID Live! 2015


It's been several weeks now since the RFID Journal Live! Tradeshow in San Diego, and now that we've managed to catch our breath (at least a little), we can offer a few reflections on 2015's premiere RFID event.


To begin with, show attendance was at it's the highest level since 2008, and the increase in traffic from the past few years was noticeable. A good sign that business is continuing to recover, and that the RFID space continues to grow. While many attendees were RFID industry insiders and familiar faces, a significant proportion were also end users from virtually every industry imaginable. More good news for the RFID space as a whole, and for growing RFID adoption in general.


As for Arcadian, we utilized this year's show to launch our new brand of RFID products from RFMAX. Key products are shown included RFMAX Passive RFID Antennas and Antenna Cables; RFID Weatherproof Reader Enclosures, and the RFMAX Power Mapper. Traffic to the booth was steady for all 3 days of the event, with plenty of people taking notice of the new RFMAX product line. Interest in antennas and weatherproof enclosures was fantastic, but the RFMAX Power Mapper literally stole the show... in fact, we sold out our entire stock of Power Mappers while we were there! (not to worry if you didn't get yours yet... we've since replenished our stock and have more on the way).


Overall, we see interest in RFID applications and products continuing to bloom, and are thrilled with the response we received for our new RFMAX line. A great show this year all the way around. Our sincere thanks to all of our customers, partners, and friends, along with the RFID Journal staff for making this year's RFID Journal Live show one for the books!


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I wanted to take a moment to inform our RFID clients about a GREAT tool that many RFID professionals feel is an essential part of their "toolkit" in the field:


The RFID Power Mapper from RFMAX is a small (2 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches) hand-held unit that measures relative antenna strength for both linear and circular RFID antennas in the FCC: 902-928 MHz & ETSI: 865-868 MHz ranges.


The unit does NOT require batteries, so it's always ready when you need it.  It simply uses radiated RF power like an RFID tag, and displays signal strength on a simple to read analog gauge.  I find it most helpful when comparing one antenna vs. another's gain and beam width in a particular installation, or simply to test whether we are getting signal from a particular antenna node.


This simple tool can save the professional RFID system integrator a tremendous about of time on the job.  Click the photo below for our product page which will give you a complete overview of the device, and the option to order from our STOCK.

RFMAX Mapper


For the full line of RFMAX gear for RFID professionals, click here:

Click here to purchase an RF Power Mapper.

See you at RFID Journal Live in San Diego!  Booth # 228


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