A8065 RFID Portal System Based on the success of the A8060 Doorway RFID antenna, Times-7 has improved this solution and developed two additional complimentary doorway antennas to provide a complete three-sided Doorway Portal Application with a 360° read zone - the new SlimLine A8065 Combo.


This 3 piece solution is tailored for every tag orientation. To achieve the densest read zone, Times-7 has combined three SlimLine Door-frame antennas in three different polarizations: Vertical Linear and Horizontal Linear mounted on the sides and Dual Linear on top of the doorframe. In this way, the application guarantees a reliable 360° read zone regardless of the tag orientation.


In addition, the Times-7 SlimLine A8065 Combo is perfect for high foot traffic areas. While other antennas of standard sizes would be protruding when deployed to a door frame the ultra-low profile (8 mm / 0.3”) and slim dimensions (86 mm / 3.4” wide) of each antenna give it a snug fit into doorframes. It offers more space and safer passage through entrances and exits, particularly important for public events with high numbers of attendees.


Simple and beautifully designed, the A8065 Combo impresses with its aesthetically neutral form factor, making it suitable for customer-facing environments. Each A8065 (D, V, H) antenna is also individually available.


For detailed information, please refer to the following web pages: 


A8065: 3 piece doorway RFID system for FCC & ETSI

A8065D: dual polarity for top of doorway, FCC & ETSI

A8065H: horizontal polarity for side of doorway, FCC & ETSI

A8065V: vertical polarity for side of doorway, FCC & ETSI


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