I had a customer contact me this morning, very frustrated that he could not find a way to mount the Motorola / Zebra AN480 antennas he had purchased for his RFID project.  I told him that the AN480 antennas from Zebra have a customize mounting bolt pattern, specifically so you can’t buy mounts anywhere else – BUT they never came out with any decent mounts.  So, here is what I recommended to him, and to you... 


Purchase RFMAX part # S9028PCx96RTN (same exact antenna, IP54 rated, but with pre-attached 8 foot/96 inch cable & RPTNC connector) /s9028pcl96rtn-s9028pcr96rtn-10x10-inch-ip54-rated-circularly-polarized-rfid-antenna-with-4-mounting-studs-fcc.html


Or, purchase RFMAX part # PAx90209H-FNF (same antenna, IP67 rated, with fixed N-Female connector) /pal90209h-fnf-par90209h-fnf10x10-inch-ip-67-rated-circularly-polarized-antenna-fcc.html


These two antennas can utilize the HEAVY DUTY mount, which locks firmly in place, RFMAX part # HDMNT: /hdmnt-heavy-duty-aluminum-mounting-bracket-wall-or-mast-mount.html


Or, they can utilize our fully articulating, easy to install EZM6 mount: /fully-articulating-die-cast-wall-or-mast-mounting-kit-for-2-or-4-stud-panel-antennas.html


  EZ-M6 Wall/Mast/Pole Combo Mount Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket



Take a look, and let me know if you have any questions.  I’d be happy to help.  Also, log into our website, and set up an account.  Let me know when you’ve done so, and I’ll set you up with your ddiscounted pricing so you can shop right on the website.


Best Regards, 

Mike Crudele, Antenna Specialist