Since mid-March, we have spoken to many customers who are using Cellular 3G/4G/LTE routers to work from home, but are frustrated wtih bad connectivity to the cell tower.  So, we developed this kit for the at-home/home-office user and we think it works great!  Just yesterday I got an email from a happy customer.  Read the review below, and consider if the RFMAX MOFI4500 kit is right for you!

Dear Arcadian,

I received the MOFI4500-ODANT-25 antenna kit on Friday. I installed it over the weekend and my speed increased significantly! See the improvement data below.

















Before the antenna was installed, I had an unusually high test of 3.59mbps. Typically, I run tests with results in the 2mpbs range. After unboxing, I performed a bench test with the new antennas just sitting on my desk. The speed jumped to 7.64. After using the opensignal app to determine the best location to mount my antenna, I mounted it appx 28' high and was able to achieve 9mbps. I have performed other tests over the weekend at various non-peak times and achieved in the double digits on a few occasions.

Outside of the limitations by my ladder height and un-walkable metal roof, installation for my application was perfect. I used the bracket included with the MOFI4500-ODANT-25 and affixed the antennas near the roof peak of my second story, on the gable side of the roof. The 25 foot cable length was just right to come down and turn into the exterior wall on my first floor, directly behind the modem. 

Thank you so much for everything you have done. The new speeds are a game changer and should greatly improve my working from home. I will get a review posted to the website under the product page as well. Let me know if you need anything else from me.  I highly recommend the MOFI4500-ODANT-25

Adam G. - Eight Mile, Alabama